Yes, It’s a Feculent Problem!

NotPureMichigan is not affiliated in any way with the Pure Michigan tourism campaign.

While there is no doubt there are areas that could be considered pure and in Michigan, the term pure and Michigan don’t go together when you live near a factory farm or an industrial livestock operation. Many of these are legally classified as CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) because of the number of animals exceeds a certain amount.

This blog, appropriately named “Not Pure Michigan”, is dedicated to show visible proof of the destruction of the State of Michigan by Industrial Livestock Operations.

IMG_0434After experiencing living near these “Feces* Factories” in Lenawee and Hillsdale counties in Michigan for more than 14 years it becomes a realization that the words “Economic Impact”, along with “Sustainable” ,”Stewards of the Land”, and  “Innovative” are simply words created for public relations purposes only, and not shown to be achievable in the real world.

Industrial Livestock Operations profit at the expense those residents unfortunate to be in their path of destruction. Area residents have experienced:

  • Decreased property values
  • Unbreathable air
  • Pollution discharges to our waters
  • Road destruction
  • Increased dangerous  traffic
  • Illness
  • Excessive noise
  • Massive amount of particulate matter in the air for us the breath
  • Freely seizing hundreds of millions of gallons from our shared ground water and then dumping it back on the land as dangerous animal waste which contains feces, urine and whatever else makes it out of the back end the dairy cows being used.
  • Arsenic in the groundwater

Aerial_VH2001It can be concluded that CAFOs achieve the economic impact they always seem to predict by pretty much destroying the quality of life of those around them.

Thanks to the lack of foresight by the legislators in the State of Michigan Industrial Livestock Operations continue to invade our state.  Welcoming them would be absurd by anyone with any common sense.

Even the true farmer knows the vast difference between true farming and factory farming.

This blog documents with photos, links and words the devastation taking place in Not Pure Michigan.

Let’s all promote clean, sustainable-farming and eliminate the pollution.

*Feculent=Sh*tty, Feces=Sh*t,