Another Spill for Not Pure Michigan

Another Not Pure Michigan episode. This time it was reported that pure cow shit leaked into Bear Creek that leads to the Rabbit River that dumps into the Kalamazoo River and eventually ends up in Lake Michigan.

Check out this link.

Manure spills happen more frequently than one would guess. Although only one of this size seems to get news coverage. It will be interesting to see what responsibility is placed on the CAFO owner. These “accidents” affect many, but previous history on enforcement actions by the state of Michigan have been disappointing at best.

The spill will eventually dilute and become less concentrated. Another dead stream that will take many years to recover, if at all.

The Associated Press quoted DEQ spokesman Brad Wurfel as saying “It will disperse as it goes”.

Another case of “The solution to pollution is dilution”.

According to AP, Wurfel also said so far no fish have been harmed.

Five miles of pure cow shit in the stream and no dead fish? How is that possible, unless there were no fish there to begin with. I witnessed a manure dump into a stream for only a mile or so and the fish kill was estimated at 8,000.

I will continue to follow this as closely as possible.

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